Pricing and Contact

If you wish to purchase the service, please join the discord and DM me. My Discord tag is Antonio32A#9230 and my ID is 166630166825664512.


This is a monthly subscription. I accept PayPal and credits cards through Patreon. Hosting and support costs are included in the subscription. The Minecraft alt is not included.


The montly PaPal price is 5 USD per month.


Patreon allows you to pay with PayPal and the following cards:

  • Visa

  • Master Card

  • Discover

  • JCB

  • Diners Club

  • 3DS

The price is 6 USD per month because Patreon takes an additional fee on top of PayPal fees. You will be charged automatically every month, but you can also cancel the tier so it doesn't automatically charge you.

Other goods

I usually don't accept anything else, but you can message me on Discord with your offer.


Refunds will be given if I'm unable to provide the service and you can get a partial refund. Charging back will result in a termination of the service.

Bot Account

You should provide your own Minecraft account which should be used as a bot and if you do please keep it as secure as possible to avoid any security bans and other issues. If somebody was to login on the account while the bot is running, it will ban all other bots on the same machine resulting in 5 accounts getting banned at once. You should not use any important accounts for the bridge because it may get punished if your guild members say bad things using the bridge.

In case the bot gets punished you will need to provide a new account or wait out the punishment. Your subscription will be paused while your bot is unable to function properly.

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