19/4/2022 v4.8.2


  • Massivly improved performance by switching from mineflayer to minecraft-protocol.


  • MVP++ and MVP+ colors in the bridge. This is a temporary change which will be reverted later.

1/4/2022 v4.8.0


  • !aprilfools - Enables the April Fools event. :^)

  • New ascii art types: owo, troll, trollage. Also added more ascii art to the amogus type.

20/3/2022 v4.6.0


  • !ascii <art type> - Sends ascii art in chat. Supported art types: amogus, chungus, nobitches. Updated lilyweight. This should fix all weight issues.

17/2/2022 v4.5.0


  • Message filter no longer uses hearts to filter stuff, it has been reverted back to *.

  • !help has been fully rewritten on Discord. It now looks nicer.

  • Improved some error messages.

  • Changed !event's description so it's not too long.


  • !manage [guild member] - Allows you to manage a guild member with a fancy menu.

28/1/2022 v4.4.0


  • !stop - Stops the bot which will then automatically restart. Please don't spam this.

  • !cakebag [player] - Displays missing SkyBlock cakes.


  • !skyblock shows purse instead of when the profile was created in-game.

  • Filter now shows the first character of the filtered word and uses the heart symbol to censor. (amogus -> a❤❤❤❤❤ instead of a*****)


  • !senitherweight now shows the correct catacombs overflow XP, also the API is fixed as well.

  • Message cap now works correctly.

27/1/2022 v4.3.1


  • !senitherweight has proper calculation for catacombs xp, but currently the API is a bit broken so it's off, not much I can do about it

27/1/2022 v4.3.0


  • !event <interest/newyear/darkauction/da/spooky/jerry/zoo> - Shows when the next SkyBlock event happens.

  • !fetchur - Displays Fetchur requirements.


  • !senitherweight no longer uses SkyCrypt, it now uses SkyHelper API.

  • !slayer contains enderman slayer and uses SkyHelper API.

23/1/2022 v4.2.0-tempfix-senitherweight


  • Synthesis Shares show color in the bridge.


  • bedwars and skywars no longer error if player has never played those games before.

  • The bot now properly goes to limbo by spamming /thiscommandliterallydoesnothing 15 times.

  • Temporarily fixed senitherweight by using SkyCrypt API. Please contact me if you find a better alternative.

  • Bridge now properly escapes underscores.

15/1/2022 v4.1.0


  • !slayer - Displays player's Slayer stats.

  • !catacombs - Displays player's Catacombs stats.

  • commas to every single big number


  • improved logging, now everything is sent to Sentry

  • !amogus is now accessible to people with administrator permissions

  • changed how some errors look like

09/1/2022 v4.0.0

This version of the bot is a complete rewrite of v3. The bot was ported from JavaScript to TypeScript and many of the core internals (like command handling) were improved and rewritten. This meant that a lot of commands/features were removed, but most of the features that were removed were either unused or added back in some other command. If you have any suggestions on what to re-add, feel free to contact me. Commands should now run much faster and should be up to date with the API.

Moderator commands will require ban members or administrator permission now, not a staff role.

Removed Features

  • Tracking which used to track player counts of guilds. (unused)

  • Moderation channel used to be a place where you can run guild commands. (replaced with moderation commands)

  • Twitter and forum alerts used to show posts and tweets from admins. (unused and buggy)

A lot of commands were also removed, but a lot of them have been replaced by better ones. Also all commands use the Hypixel API directly, meaning they will update instantly and will run much faster.

Changed Commands

  • Weights were separated into !lily and !senither. They also have detailed and better looking Discord variants.

  • fragbot no longer lists all fragbots because it is going to eventually overfill the message.

  • botinfo shows memory usage and the bot's version.

  • help has a better Discord variant and shows more information.

  • skyblock has a better Discord variant with more details and it no longer shows individual skills.

  • Moderation commands properly get the response from the chat and will report errors.

  • All commands were redesigned.

Added Commands

  • !bedwars [player] - Displays BedWars statistics of a player.

  • !skywars [player] - Displays SkyWars statistics of a player.

  • !networth [player] - Calculates player's Skyblock networth using Maro's API. Credits to ComplexOrigin for hostinghe API.

  • !player [player] - Displays information about a player.

  • !namehistory [player] - Displays the name history f a player.

  • !guild <guild name> - Displays information about a guild.

  • All moderation commands.

  • !amogus - ඞ



  • guildId to the API so guild CT modules can use it instead of manually editing the code every time.



  • !amogus command.

  • mute option for moderation channel.


  • amogus from the filter.



  • Finished working on the fragbot implementation.



  • Forum Alerts.

  • Twitter Alerts.

  • Fragbot integration prototype, soonTM?


  • Filter now replaces blacklisted words better and counts the length of it.

  • Reverted API to SkyShiiyu.



  • e.xpdata - Discord command to generate a skill XP data dump of all of your guild members.

  • e.xpcompare - Discord command to compare two skill XP data dumps and generate a leaderboard from them.

Those commands might be a bit buggy for now, since they haven't been tested that much.


  • Weight calculation now uses Senither's API instead of manually calculating it.



  • Guild alerts - kick, join, leave, connect, disconnect, mute, unmute, promote and demote messages.

  • Bridge colors for [MOD] and [HELPER].

  • Created a new logo which you can see below.



  • !petstack command

  • Chat filter which should stop the bot from getting muted.

  • Bridge colors which check user's rank color and set it to the embed color.


  • Twitch integration (nobody used it)

  • Spam bypass


  • Cleaned up the project.

  • Rewrote feature loading.

  • Deleted unused constants and methods.

5/2/2021 - 2nd Update


  • !weight command for weight calculation.

  • Moderation Channel feature which allows guild staff to set ranks and invite people.



  • Bot should properly reconnect now, hopefully.

  • Fetchur day 4 is now correct instead of being swapped with day 5.

  • Twitch commands now properly register arguments.

  • !version outputs v3 instead of 3.0 and it doesn't have a gramatical mistake in it's description now.


  • !about command, links to this guide.


  • You can now use | and spaces in names while using the Discord to Minecraft bridge.



  • Bot should properly automatically reboot now if it gets disconnected.

  • Random errors if Twitch integration is disabled should no longer appear.


  • !fetchur

  • !valkyrie

Release v3 - 31/1/2021


  • Docker integration.

  • !version

  • !roll

  • !pet

  • !locate

  • !joindate

  • !cata

  • !price

  • !8ball

  • !hyperion

  • Spambypass to all commands so the bot doesn't get stopped by You cannot say this message twice!.


  • !help accepts a subcommand now which shows info about a command

  • !skill accepts cata as an argument which shows catacombs information

  • Command system is similar to PitSandbox.

  • Rewrote all commands to use the new command system and some features.

  • JSON skill files have the newer skill levels now which are used in !calc.

  • Other minor changes such as the removal of useless owner commands (!pants, !dye, etc).

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