Minecraft and Discord chat bridge

This feature makes it so all the messages which are sent in guild chat automatically appear in a Discord channel. It also makes it so all the messages which are sent by users in that Discord channel also appear in the guild chat.

All the usernames are taken from nicknames and only letters, numbers, spaces and | are allowed with other parts of the nickname getting filtered out.

There is also a filter with over 2000 words to prevent the bot from getting muted. The embed is colored depending on user's rank. The bridge also automatically previews images in chat, or uploads them to imgur so you can easily preview it with Patcher. It also supports replies and Synthesis Shares.

Guild Alerts

Every time a guild alert message is sent in chat, the bot will show it on Discord. This includes all moderation messages (kick/join, mute...) and (dis)connect messages. You can toggle these messages if you request it.


Commands work in Discord and Minecraft guild chat. You can find the command list in the Commands section. Commands ran in guild chat will appear in the bridge, but commands ran in the bridge channel will not appear in the guild chat. This is because some commands work a bit differently depending on where you're using them. The default prefix is ! and it can be changed if you request it.


Every bot also works as a fragbot. At the moment it is whitelist only and not everybody can use them but there is a way to apply for it using the form. Any member in your guild can apply by running the !fragbot command and following the instructions it gives you. There's currently over 10 fragbots running.


  1. You may not attempt to break or abuse the bot in any shape or form.

  2. You may not spam the bot or clog the queue.

  3. You may not move the bot out of limbo.

  4. You may not queue any game other than SkyBlock.

  5. You may not automate party invites to give other players access. This only relates to making this feature usable by anyone. You can still create mods to automatically party the bots, but not automate partying bots just so non-whitelisted people can access it.

Failing to comply with these guidelines may result in being required to replenish the damage and you may be removed from the service.

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