Fun !8ball <quesiton> - Answers a question. !coinflip - Flips a coin. !imfeelinglucky - Picks a random guild member. !roll - Randomly displays a number between 1 and 100. Info !botinfo - Displays information about the bot. !cakebag [player] - Displays missing SkyBlock cakes. !event <event> - Shows when the next SkyBlock event happens. !fetchur - Displays Fetchur requirements. !fragbots - Shows information about fragbots and lists them. !guild <guild name> - Displays information about a guild. !help [command] - Shows help information about commands. !namehistory [player] - Displays the name history of a player. !player [player] - Displays information about a player. !status [player] - Displays information about player's online status. Stats !bedwars [player] - Displays BedWars statistics of a player. !catacombs [player] - Displays player's Catacombs stats. !lilyweight [player] - Displays player's LappySheep weight. !networth [player] - Calculates player's Skyblock networth using Maro's API. !senitherweight [player] - Displays player's Senither weight. !skyblock [player] - Displays player's Skyblock stats. !skywars [player] - Displays SkyWars statistics of a player. !slayer [player] - Displays player's Slayer stats. Moderation !invite - /guild invite. !kick - /guild kick. !mute - /guild mute. !unmute - /guild unmute. !promote - /guild promote. !demote - /guild demote. !setrank - /guild setrank. !ascii <art type> - Sends ascii art in chat. Supported art types: amogus, chungus, nobitches. !manage [guild member] - Allows you to manage a guild member with a fancy menu. !stop - Stops the bot which will then automatically restart. Please don't spam this.

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